20+ Tips How To Write a Seo Friendly Article 2021 - Blogger

20+ Tips How To Write a Seo Friendly Article 2021 - Blogger
How To Write a Seo Friendly Article

    Hello friends and welcome to Techno Khurwal.

    You will get complete information about how to write a seo friendly article in 2021. First, let us talk about what would be the benefit of writing a seo friendly article or post. Like whenever we search anything of our choice on Google, then Google or other search engines show us the results of some sites. Every post that appears in the list of this result is set by the search engines bots to decide who will be ranked number one and who is last. Because Google has not kept any separate staff in its office to do this work. All this work is done by search engine bots. And Seo (Search Engine Optimization) helps the bots to read the article. And if someone's post is Seo friendly then it quickly ranks in the results of search engines. That is why if you are doing blogging for fun, then be careful in inserting the data as you wish in your blog. But if you are a bit serious and want to earn some money from blogging, then it is also very important that your article is Seo friendly.

    In other words, writing an article ranks quickly in the bots algorithm. This algorithm is called SEO. You have to write SEO friendly articles to rank the article and it is not so difficult to write SEO friendly articles. You have to use and remember some tips for the rest of the articles.


    How to write SEO Friendly posts ?

    The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website and SEO Friendly Post means that the article will be liked by the user. And if the user likes it, then you can bring your post to the first page in Google Search, so let's start with how to write Seo friendly article ?

    01. Post Title

    The most important thing for SEO is the title of Post and your Focus Keyword must be in Post Title. If the title of your post is good, then 40% of your SEO is complete.

    How to Make Title User Friendly?

    • Use Focus Keyword in your Title
    • Use Long Tail Keyword in Title
    • Your title should be such that after reading the user should understand what is written in the post.
    • You must use Years, Number in Title
    • Do not repeat a word again while writing the title.

    2. Content of Post

    Content is king! The content attracts Google and the rest of the search engines the most. The better and unique the content of your blog post, the more Seo will be good and will rank on search engines.

    Remember one thing that you are writing for your users, then the better the content of your post, the more the users will like it. Whatever the main points in the post, make sure their font is bold or dark.

    3. Analyze the competitor's post

    The Keyword for which you are writing a post, go to Google and first search for it and analyze the first 5 search results by opening it.

    You have to analyze the competitor's post keeping in mind the points mentioned below.

    • First, see how many words are there in his post.
    • What kind of information is there in his post to see
    • What kind of information he has not given in his post is to see
    • To see how he has accommodated the users in the post
    • He has given so much image, he has to see in his post.

    You have to see all this in the competitor's post, after that you have more words than the competitor's post and apart from the information he has given, he has to give the information in his post and it is well understood and in the competitor's post. You have to add 1-2 more images than you have in your post.

    Overall, you have to write a better post than the competitor's post.

    4. Write Long Article

    You should always write big articles because all search engines like Long article more because it gives users more and more accurate information.

    • If you write an article in English, then write at least 2000-5000 words.
    • If you write an article in another language, then write at least 1000-2500 words.

    Benefits of writing long articles

    • You can add more keywords in the long article.
    • You can apply more ads in the long article.
    • Due to the long article, the user will have more time to read and this will reduce your Bounce Rate.
    • Users get full information from your article, through which they will check your further posts.

    5. Keyword

    Most of the blogger is not aware of what is the Keyword and what is its use and how important it is for the post. What you search in Google is called Keyword, like if you search about what is blogging then it is your keyword.

    There are two types of Keyword.
    • Long Tail Keyword
    • Short Tail Keyword
    Now you have to use which of these two, understand by the example below.
    • Short Tail Keyword: "Android Smartphone"
    • Long Tail Keyword: "top 10 best android smartphone in 2021"
    You can understand from the example that the Short Tail Keyword comes in the Long Tail Keyword. And by using Long Tail Keyword, Short Tail Keyword automatically gets ranked.

    So you should always use Long Tail Keyword.

    06. Image Alt Tag

    All Blogger uses image in their blog post because traffic can be brought to the website with the help of Image, but you have to enter the name of the image in the Alt Tag of the image, what is your image about.


    For example, if you are writing an article on a smartphone, if the image you use on it is not in the image, then the search engines bots will not know what this image is about.

    You use only your Focus Keyword in the image's Alt Tag.

    Note :

    Whatever image you are using in your post should not be a copyright image, otherwise your website will be banned by search engines.

    07. Use Keywords in Post

    You must use your Targeted Focus Keyword in the First or Last Paragraph of your post, but you should use the Keyword in a natural way just like you can see the First Or Last Paragraph of my post that I used my Targeted Focus Keyword in it. And that too in a natural way

    Always remember that you use at least 2-3 Keyword in your post, if you use more Keyword then Google will put Penalty on your blog and your post will never be ranked

    08. Make Structure of Article

    You have to create the structure of the article written in your blog, in which you have to decide what will be the title of the post, what will be the heading, what will be the subHeading, what will be the description, where to use the Keyword in the post.

    After that you have to make a good structure of H1, H2, H3 and H4 Tag.

    09. Heading and Subheading

    It is very important to use Heading and Subheading in the post, the title of your post is H1 Heading, so do not use other H1 Heading in your post.

    But you can use Subheading H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 because using Heading and Subheading is a sign of good SEO

    In subheading, you must use the related Keyword of your post.

    The structure of Heading or Subheading is always - H1> H2> H3> H4> H5> H6>

    10. Add Internal Link

    Internal Link means that you can add a link to another post of your own website in your post and this is considered SEO and your Bounce Rate from Internal Link will also be lower.

    In Internal Link, you add the link of the same post which is related to the topic of your article.


    If you are writing about how to write SEO Friendly Blog Post, then in the middle of your article, you can give a link to the related post of SEO as I have done, and this will increase the quality of your post and the traffic will come on your other post.

    11. External Link Add

    External Link means to add the post link of another website to your post.


    If you "What is YouTube?" If you are writing an article on this topic, then you put a YouTube link above the word YouTube, it is called External Link and if someone comes and touches on the word YouTube then that direction will be redirected to the website of YouTube.

    It is very important to install external link because Google considers it very important because user get complete information about that topic.

    12. User Intent Find

    User Intent Find would mean that the complete information about the user who came to your article after searching should be on your article, if it is not there, the user will return from your article and the Bounce Rate of your website will also increase.


    If a user comes to your post by searching "what is bitcoin" on Google, then the user should get complete information on bitcoin such as

    • What is bitcoin?
    • What are the types of bitcoins?
    • How to buy bitcoin?
    • How to sell bitcoin?
    • Buying bitcoin is right or wrong

    13. Use Number and Bullet Pin

    If you are giving a list in your post, then you should use the number and Bullet Pin, so that it is good to read the article Use.

    Must Read :

    14. Write articles in short paragraphs

    You should write your article only in short paragraphs because a lot of users do not like to read Long Paragraph and more level of visit to website comes from mobile itself and there is difficulty in reading long article on mobile.

    A short paragraph means you write a paragraph of 3-4 sentence.

    15. Permalink (URL)

    Permalink (URL) is very important for SEO, which optimizes the article Search Engine, you should use Focus Keyword in the URL of your post.

    How to make your post URL SEO Friendly URL


    SEO Friendly URL


    Not SEO Friendly URL


    16. Keep Keyword Proximity High

    Understand what would happen before Keyword Proximity?

    Keyword Proximity is called that which comes in between two Keyword.

    We understand this as an example

    1. Example:

    Network Marketing or Marketing

    There are two keyword

    1. Network Marketing
    2. Marketing

    And between these two keywords is

    And because of this or two, the two keywords separated and this is called Keyword Proximity.

    And such Keyword is called Low Keyword.

    2. Example:

    Network Marketing

    Here too there are only two keywords

    1. Network Marketing
    2. Marketing

    But there is no or between the two keywords

    And it is called High Keyword

    And you should use the same keyword as the Keyword mentioned in Example 2, which will give you more and more Keyword Rank and this will bring more traffic to your post.

    17. Do not do Keyword Stuffing

    Keyword Stuffing means that you use a lot of Keyword in your article.

    You should never do Keyword Stuffing as it reduces the rank of your article and it never appears in Google Search.

    You read what Google has said about Keyword Stuffing: Google Keyword Stuffing

    18. Blog Description (Meta Description)

    When you search for the post in the search engine, then you will see some words under the title of the post, that is the meta description of the blog, this description should be 100-150 words. Any post is also shown with the help of Meta Description in Search Engine.

    If you can use the Keyword you used in the Heading or Subheading in the description of the blog, then you can add it

    You can also tell Google Or User through Meta Description on which topic you have written in the post.

    19. Do not Grammar Mistakes

    You should not do Spelling Mistakes in your article and another thing

    Do not use Grammar Mistakes in your article because it affects SEO so much. You can use Grammarly to correct Grammar Mistakes. You can use it as an extension of Chrome or other browsers.

    20. Social Media Sharing

    After publishing all bloggers posts, they share on social media and the post must be shared on social media and

    To share the post on social means that you are doing Off Page SEO of your post and

    Secondly, Google considers Social Signal to be very important, so the post must be shared on social media.

    How To Write a Seo Friendly Article ?

    Friends, I hope that you have got complete information about 20+ Tips How To Write a Seo Friendly Article 2021 article from our article. If you have any question in your mind then please comment and tell me, I will try my best to answer it, I request you guys

    If you have liked this post of mine and you have got something to learn from it, then you share it like fire on social media so that more people get information about it and they can also write SEO Friendly Post for their website.

    If you want to give us any suggestions, then you can give us suggestions by following us on Comment Box or Social Media And do not forget to follow us on Facebook , TwitterInstagram ,Telegram channelMediumReddit for updates on our blog.

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    All the blogger templates and rest of the information shared by us on this website is intended only and only to help people. We do not want to give any premium file to any company for free through our website and we do not do any kind of wrongdoing. If you still want this content not to appear on our page, then contact us. We will remove this content immediately.
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