Explained : What is Backlink? | how it works | SEO | Examples


Hi Friends, In this post I will try to give you complete information about what is backlinks or how it works.

You must be aware of SEO, if you want to bring your blog to the first page in search results, then it is very important to do SEO of your blog. 

Explained : What is Backlink? | how it works | SEO | Examples

SEO is done with two main methods –

  1. On page seo
  2. Off page seo

On page SEO also includes all the things that you apply while writing your blog post, to do on page SEO properly, you have to write an SEO optimized article/post.

Off page SEO includes all those things that you apply outside your blog. The most important of these are link building and social media presence.

In social media presence you have to promote your blog on social media and in link building you have to create backlinks for your blog. The more backlinks your site/blog has, the higher rank your site will get in search results.

Now without delay, I am telling you about backlinks. Then let's know what are backlinks and why it is important for your blog/website. And I am sure that if you read this article completely then you will not have to go anywhere else to know what are backlinks.

What is backlink?

Now let us talk first of all what is backlink?, then Backlinks are those links which go from one website to another website. If I tell you this by giving a simple example, then for example, if I add your site link to any of my posts or blogs, then it will be considered as a backlink to your website or blog.

I hope from this example, you must have understood very easily what is a backlink, now we talk about the benefits of backlink in SEO.

What are the benefits of backlinks in SEO?

Backlinks are very beneficial for your blog. The more backlinks your site has, the more value Google gives to your site in search results. But Google gives value to your blog only when your blog's backlinks will be from quality (good) sites.

There are many other benefits of backlinks such as search engine starts indexing your site quickly, your site has got referral traffic, your site authority increases.

Important: Backlinks are valid only if they are coming from good websites. Backlinks of bad websites have negative effects

What is Quality Backlink?

Quality backlinks are what you get from quality sites. For example, suppose wikipedia comes in the list of a great website, if your site or blog gets a backlink from wikipedia, then Google gives more value to your site and provides your blog with higher ranking in search results.

To become quality backlinks, you also have to take great care of relevance, that means if you blog is related to technology then you have to get backlinks from other technology related blogs, instead if you do backlinks from a food blog like this Doesn't give much value to backlinks.

If I explain this through an example, then your shop is there to sell like losing weight, but you have advertised it inside a restaurant. No one will be interested in that. People who want to lose weight can be found only in gyms and parks. Similarly, in the case of sites, Google sees all this.

What are the types of Backlinks?

There are two types of backlinks-

  1. Dofollow Backlinks
  2. Nofollow Backlinks

DoFollow Backlink :

Do-follow backlinks help in passing the link juice, that is, such links help a lot in increasing the ranking of your blog. Example of a dofollow link:

"<a href="http://www.google.com/">Google</a>"


"<a href="http://www.google.com/" rel="do-follow">Google</a>"

By default all links are dofollow, but you can add a no-follow attribute to links if you don't want the link juice you're sending to other sites.

NoFollow बैकलिंक :

These are backlinks that do not allow the passing of links, their value in search engines is less than do-follow links. No-follow links do not play a role in search engine rankings. Example of a no-follow backlink:

"<a href="http://www.google.com/" rel="no-follow">Google</a>"

If I explain it through an example, then suppose you are writing an article on something which is wrong and you do not want to promote it, you are just making people aware of it. And if you want to add a link to that site or product in your post, then you will add it to the NoFollow attribute. By which it will happen that juice will not pass through your link and Google will not promote it. 

How to create backlinks for your site?

Now you must have understood the importance of backlinks, so now the first question that must have come in your mind is how to start creating backlinks. How can you get quality backlinks? So let's start by using some simple methods given below to create backlinks of your site:

1. Write Quality Content:

If you want to create more and more backlinks for your blog, then for this you have to write quality content on your blog. The post should be in simple language, to the point and in detail. That is, you have to write such articles which your readers can easily understand and they will be helped by that article.

With high quality content, other bloggers or website owners will start showing a link to your website or post in their website blog.

If I explain this with an example, then suppose you have written an article on a product such as a model of Zebronics Smart Watch such as Zeb-Fit7220CH. And if a blogger or website owner is selling this smartwatch on his site through affiliate marketing, then he can also give a link of your page explaining the specification of this smartwatch.

2. Start commenting on other blogs:

This is the free and easiest way to build backlinks, all you have to do is start commenting regularly on other blogs or websites like yours.

By commenting on blogs on which commenting is enabled, your blog gets a follow backlink, which is very important and great for your blog. But the blogs on which you get no-follow backlinks by commenting are also helpful for your blog. Although no-follows don't matter much in search results, they do help drive traffic to your website or blog.

While commenting, keep in mind the limits of that website or blog. The biggest thing is always avoid commenting spam. If your comment is spam then the owner of that website or blog will not approve it. To give an example, always avoid comments such as "Great post!" "Awesome post! Keep it up" "Well Done" Comments like these are spam comments, so avoid them.

First of all, read that post thoroughly and then express your strong opinion. By reading which the site owner and users of the site are attracted to you. And do a search about your blog or website.

3. Start guest blogging:

Guest blogging is very effective in increasing quality backlinks. In this you have to submit your guest post on some popular blogs related to your topic and also add a link to your blog. But remember that for guest blogging, choose only the popular blog of your topic and write a great high quality content guest post and submit it.

If your blog is also on a topic related to BloggerHelp, then you can also guest post on Techno-Khurwal.

4. Submit your blog to web directories:

Submitting your blog to Web Directories is a great way to get backlinks, for this submit your blog to different web directories, but remember that you submit your blog to quality web directories hi me.

See here: What is web directory? Why, How and Where to Submit a Website

Things to keep in mind while creating backlinks:

Backlinks can be very helpful for your website or blog, but if you create backlinks using wrong methods then it can be very harmful for your site. So while creating backlinks for your site, keep the following things in mind:

  • Try to get backlinks only from quality sites.
  • Never buy paid backlinks.
  • Avoid getting backlinks from low quality sites such as porn sites or spammy sites.
  • Quality matters more than quantity in backlinks.
  • Avoid getting backlinks from blogs other than your topic.
  • Do not create too many backlinks at once, Google may suspect it and penalize your site.


According to me, now you must have come to know about backlinks very well, what is backlink or how backlink is divided or what are the benefits of creating backlinks.

Still, if something is missing from me or you have any question related to backlinks, then you can ask through comment.

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Keep Blogging.

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All the blogger templates and rest of the information shared by us on this website is intended only and only to help people. We do not want to give any premium file to any company for free through our website and we do not do any kind of wrongdoing. If you still want this content not to appear on our page, then contact us. We will remove this content immediately.
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