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 If you are also the owner of a website blog and want to see or add your website's post in Google search results, then you must use Google's free tool 'Search Console'. In which we can manage everything on our website which will appear in Google search results.

Hello, friends welcome to Technokhurwal. In this article, I will explain to you, what is Search Console? And who can use it? Or what are the options in it and what is their use?

There are many free tools of Google, which blogger or website owner must use, such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Adsense, Search Console, Drive, etc. Now we are going to talk about Search Console.

Explained: Google Search Console | How to use | Features | Setup

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool provided by Google, through which you can monitor the performance of your blog or website and maintain the blog in a better way.

With this you can know about your user, how many users clicked on your blog after searching a keyword on Google. Also what is the average rank of your blog? What is an average position? You can keep an eye on things like whether the URL of the blog post present in the blog is indexed in google or not.

Who should use Google Search Console?

Google Search Console can be used by everyone who has a website or blog, whether it is an ordinary person or an experienced expert user. Search Console is built to help everyone. Then below are given information about some users who should use search console for you to understand. Even if you do not use it, but you must be aware of these few special things of the search console.

1. Commercial or Business websites

If you have any type of business website or blog, then you must have knowledge about google search console and its basic aspect. Because if you want to get new customers or orders by showing your website or products in Google search results, then you will have to take help of search console for that in future. Creating a website or blog alone will bring only those customers to your website with whom you share your site address.

2. Those interested in SEO

 You must know what is the value of SEO i.e. "search engine optimization" for your website or blog? And for good SEO, it is very important to know about your "google search console".

Search console proves to be very helpful in SEO. Seo is a way in which a blog or website can be easily ranked on the top position of google. So search console helps to keep an eye on the website and know about the error, average ranking, performance, etc.

By clicking here, you can see all the articles related to seo and get information.

3. For Website Admin

If you have a website or blog of your own and you are its admin, then as an administrator, you would like your website/blog to work better and you can solve the technical issue coming in the website or blog in time. .

For all this, the google search console tool is the best option for your website/blog, where we get all the information related to the website which is important for the search engine.

4. Marketers

If you work in the field of online marketing, then the google search console will help you to know about factors like ranking and traffic of your website in google.

With this, you can find out how your site is appearing on google or the online platform. Along with this, with the help of other free tools like google analytics, google ads, you can easily take marketing decisions by mixing the information of the search console.

Important Features of Google Search Console

You understand what is Google Search Console or who should use it, now let's know a little about what are the features in Search Console and what is their use for us.

You have already learned that for whom the search console is necessary, now we know about some important features of the search console.

1. Site Overview

Whenever you open the search console, you will first see the overview section there. With the help of this, you will get to know about website performance, coverage, reports and experience etc. At one place. Let's talk about them one by one.

2. Performance

This is the most important part of Google Search Console. With this you will get a complete account about the performance of your site. After clicking on the performance tab, you will see four options there which are as follows.

  • Total Click → From this section you will get information that when your site appeared on SERP (search engine results page), then how many people have clicked on the link of your site. Meaning how many people on your site have been sent to your site through search results.
  • Total Impression → Total Impression gives you information about how many times your site has appeared on the search engine results page.
  • Average CTR → Full form of CTR is click-through rate. This means that it is not necessary that the number of visitors who have clicked on the link of your website will have come to your site. It may be due to loading speed, network problem, change of mind of the user or any other reason that he/she may have backed up immediately after clicking. In such a situation, CTR tells you your site visits in a better way in the form of percentage.
  • Average Position → With the help of Average Position, you get to know what was the positioning of the site's post on the search result. This report works based on the keywords used on your site. In this you can check which post or which keyword has proved to be effective for your site.

3. Coverage

After performance, the Coverage section also plays an important role in the search console. In this, Google gives information related to the site on its behalf, so that we know what kind of technical problems are coming in the website, which we have to fix as soon as possible. Because it affects the performance of our site. We can understand this as a type of report only. Some of its main problems or tabs are as given below.

  • Error → Error is a part of coverage which gives information that there is no problem of any kind with the site. It has to face many problems like server error, 5xx which can be detected from here.
  • Validate With Warning → From this section it shows that Google has indexed the page and url of your website but still there are some minor mistakes in them which you can fix if you want.
  • Valid → This gives information that google has successfully indexed your website's pages and urls without any error.
  • Excluded → Excluded means such pages or urls which google itself has not indexed intentionally. There is no error of any kind in these, but due to having similar content or thin content, google is not sure whether they should be indexed or not. But if you want, you can force Google to index it.

4. Sitemap

The role of sitemap is most important in search console. Sitemap is very important, through this a path is created between your site and search console. Through sitemap, search console or google discovers and indexes the url of your site.

What is a good site map or how to make a good sitemap that is not a problem in indexing google. You will get this information in the article given below.

5. Mobile Usability

After Sitemap, what you will see in the search console is Mobile Usability If you want your site to be user friendly then you must pay attention to mobile usability. From this you will know which pages are there on your website which are ready to be opened in mobile and which pages have problems. Here two options are given.

  • Error → This will help you to know which pages of your website are mobile friendly and are being displayed easily in mobile without any problem.
  • Valid → Valid means here so many pages of your website are easily being used in mobile and are being displayed. They are counted in numerical form.

You should always keep in mind that your website is fully ready to be used in both mobile and desktop.

6. Removals

You can remove any post shown on your site from google search results under the removals tab of search console. For example, if you have written a post of yours and after it is indexed in google, you want it not to be visible on google, then you can come here and put a link to that post and request it to be removed.

7. Links

In this we know about the internal and external links of the website.

  • External Links → External links are those links that connect your website to any other website. You should always link your website only to sites with a high authority.
  • Internal links → Internal links are those links by which you link one page of your own website to another page so that if a user is reading one article, then through external link he can also go to other article.
  • Top Linked Sites → In this you can see which sites are giving backlink to your site from their content. It is in the form of a list. It is not necessary that the list of backlinks should be long, but it is necessary that the backlinks should be less but there should be quality backlinks.

How many links are there in our website and which website or page it is going to also affects our rank, so you should check the link one by one and if there is any wrong link then remove it immediately.

8. Setting

There is only necessary owner verification in the setting section. In this, you fill the over verification details that who has the ownership of your site.


If you have your own websites and you want that there is no error in your website and your website should come on top in search then you must use Google search console.

Hope you have liked this information and you must have also got to know new things about how we can index our website on Google and if there is any problem then we can correct it.

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All the blogger templates and rest of the information shared by us on this website is intended only and only to help people. We do not want to give any premium file to any company for free through our website and we do not do any kind of wrongdoing. If you still want this content not to appear on our page, then contact us. We will remove this content immediately.
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