Explained: What Is Cyber Marketing? | Structure | Features


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Explained: What Is Cyber Marketing? | Structure | Features

What Is Cyber Marketing?

In today's time, the use of computers is not limited to data collecting, storage, and processing but its applications have undergone radical changes with the introduction of the internet. Because gradually the rapid development of internet applications affects a wide range of fields like education, business, marketing, communication management, and entertainment so that it becomes a part and agglomeration of our day to day life. In today's time, the number of internet users is also increasing very fast day by day.

The field of marketing is also not untouched by receiving significant changes after the internet revolution. Msme (micro, small and medium enterprises) owners can choose any major route between traditional and cyber marketing for huge industries to promote products or services. Unlike traditional methods, cyber marketing is completely based on an internet system that involves sharing promotional product information, communication, distributing feedback, and receiving payment from customers, although it is the sole decision of the owners to decide how to use them as per their requirement. You can choose any path accordingly.

The concept of cyber marketing is completely based on marketing products or the internet through various methods like display advertising, search engine marketing campaigns, blog marketing, content marketing, viral marketing which create videos of people using a product social media, and email marketing. Cyber marketing is a bit cheaper as compared to the traditional marketing system and it provides an opportunity to reach out to a band of computer-using customers.

Friends, two decades ago the concept of cyber marketing was irrelevant but the revolutionary entry of the internet has increased the use of computers at home instead of offices or organizations due to its online data handling capability. Marketers to a large extent got a new opportunity to promote their product or services with a new opportunity.

It leaves behind millions of customers by segmenting them online and giving them the option to select customized products, fix prices, provide proper information and services related to the products and deliver the product to the customers through the proper distribution system. Transactions and specific details of each customer are stored for future business opportunities with the customer and it helps to know about the preferences of the customers regarding the product or services.

Structure Of Cyber Marketing

In cyber marketing, marketers can have direct conversations with customers. This new domain of customer-owner linkage can create more business opportunities. Now you can build your content about market product description and offer in a more innovative and dynamic way.

Whatever the geographic area, marketers directly reach out to customers with their products and offers. Due to the direct relationship with the customers, marketers divide the group of customers into subgroups according to needs and preferences and these sections are used as target customer groups.

The first part of the cyber marketing model is the content which defines the objectives of the marketers and identifies the profile of the customers and creates a target customer community. Its second part shows the community target community. In the traditional marketing process, sometimes remote geographic locations can become a hindrance to conversations with customers.

Cyber marketing removes this limitation by converting these existing communities into cyber communities. Due to the presence of these target communities, the transaction becomes more stress-free. All in all, in the commercial part, the customer can access all the product-related information available on the site and even the marketers get to know about the characteristics of the customers.

Payments are also made electronically and consumers can access the delivery process online instantly. Therefore cyber marketing concept opens a new door of opportunity for promotion and transaction of products or services.


The following features differentiate between traditional marketing concepts and cyber marketing -

Consumer Details

Various data mining tools are implemented in cyber marketing to provide profile details of consumers and these tools use the processes of sorting, sharing, and correlating the similar characteristics of consumers in a group. Data related to customers' profiles from purchasing behavior and past transactions is automatically generated.

These data help in segmenting the entire market into subgroups to create customized products and identify the real target customers. The process of division in cyber marketing can reach the micro-segment where every customer gets equal importance. The recent growth in marketing indicates the presence of various cyber marketing tools.

Product Development

Producing customized products is one of the important features and for this purpose marketers use product customization tools to align customer requirements with marketing objectives. Here profitability can be measured at each stage of marketers' optimization.

In today's time, many products including audio, video, cyber-related products, books are available in digital form in the market, and these digital products can be directly displayed, presented, and delivered through the internet. Other products that are more physical but have digital components can also be presented on the internet.


Branding is the image of a product or service for the customers that differentiates it from other similar types of products. Products on the internet can benefit from branding for repeated exhibitions.

Fixing prices

The internet offers a huge array of prices for different products and their important features. Customers can easily access the information and compare the less valuable facility with the important one. Since the market is flooded with different products from different organizations and their changing features, customers have the option of checking the reviews of fellow customers before making a purchase decision. Customers get the benefit of better pricing and bargaining. Another important feature of cyber marketing is the ease and speed of collection of prices through electronic money transfer systems.


Promoting products or advertisements generates a range of effects such as creating awareness, interest, desire, and action in the minds of customers. Internet marketing can accomplish these effects subtly. A customer can easily move from one effect to another with the inclusion of his personal characteristic. Like customized products and prices, customized promotions are also possible in cyber marketing.


Cyber marketing is also considered as attacking the distribution chain. As an emerging marketing concept through the internet, the function of distribution intermediaries has been obsolete. That's why cyber marketing has an important contribution to cost and distribution time savings.

Market Research

Specific market research can also be done on the internet by applying various computer-aided data collection tools. Although cyber marketing has some limitations, the reach and popularity of social platforms give ample scope to communicate and deal with customers more cheaply and effectively.


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All the blogger templates and rest of the information shared by us on this website is intended only and only to help people. We do not want to give any premium file to any company for free through our website and we do not do any kind of wrongdoing. If you still want this content not to appear on our page, then contact us. We will remove this content immediately.
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